Can I Become A Model If I Have Tattoos?

Created the: 18-05-2020


Over the last 30 years, the modelling industry has changed tremendously. Now many different people can become models - even if you have tattoos. Read here for what to pay attention to.

In the 80's and 90's it was completely unheard of for models to have tattoos and piercings. This has changed in recent years. As tattoos have become more mainstream, they have also become more acceptable in the fashion industry. Today you can easily become a model, even if you have tattoos.

The most famous tattooed model is probably "Zombie Boy" Rick Genest. We do not recommend that you modify yourself to that extreme, but if you have a few tattoos, do not worry. Tattoos can easily be photoshopped out if necessary. In fact, there are many successful models that are tattooed, including supermodels such as Heidi Klum, Gisele Bündchen and Kate Moss – all of whom have small tattoos that are often edited out in their advertisements.

Size matters

Basically, it's about the tattoos themselves. How big are they? Where are they placed on your body? Can you cover them? Do they offend anyone? Do they fit the clothes you need to wear? Do they fit the style of the shoot? All of these questions are considered when casting and booking models with tattoos.

You could say that the size of your tattoos matters. If you only have a small tattoo, it doesn't mean much, and often won’t matter at all. These tattoos are very easy to remove in post or with make-up.

If you have a lot of tattoos, like Rick Genest, you can still become a model, but it’s likely that you will have an easier time establishing a modelling career with more alternative brands. Models with many tattoos are more popular with some brands than others. The position of individual brands on tattoos depends on their company profile and branding. Companies with a conservative profile or companies focused on a natural brand will probably not hire you for a modelling assignment, as your appearance will not fit their profile. They might prefer a classic model instead. Focus on the slightly more alternative products or companies with a skewed profile. It’s more likely that they will welcome your look.

It also matters where on the body the tattoo is placed. If it can be easily covered, it may not be a problem at all. For example, if your tattoo is well hidden, e.g. on the foot, the casting agency may not see it at all, and so you have nothing to worry about. However, something like a face tattoo will often be problematic for companies.

If you want to be 100% sure that tattoos do not limit your modelling career, stay away from tattoos on the neck, forearms, shins and face - all the most visible places.

Be honest in your profile

If you have visible tattoos, try not to hide them in your Onlinecasting pictures. If they are not visible in your photos, remember to mention them in your application or profile. If you show up for a shoot with a giant tattoo that covers your entire back, and the makeup artist and/or company didn't know about it, it can quickly backfire for you.

Make sure to show versatility in your profile pictures. For example, you can upload a photo where you have hidden your tattoos, and another where you can really see them. That way you can show that you are more than just one (tattooed) look.

Show off your tattoos for photoshoots

If you have the opportunity to showcase your tattoos during photoshoots, then do it.

The company may have hired you specifically because of your tattoos. So don't hide them. Pose with them! Show them! Highlight them!

Good luck.