Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions. We have divided them into categories so you can easily find the answer you want.


1. I tried to apply for a casting but it leads me to the VIP upgrade page Do I have to be VIP member to apply?
Some of our castings require that you have an active VIP membership. You can try the VIP membership for free in 7 days to experience the benefits. After the 7 day trial period, you will be charged according to the VIP subscription you have chosen. Read all about the benefits of the VIP membership here

2. I would like to register my daughter on Onlinecasting (she doesn't have an email address).
You are only able to register on profile/person to an email address. We recommend that create a new email account through one of the many free email providers found on the internet. We also recommend that you set it up to forward emails to your existing email account, for your convenience.

3. Please do advice what must I do or write in the subject and content when applying for a casting?
See it as a very simple job application. In the Subject field you should have some text that tempts the casting agent to read more about you and visit your Onlinecasting profile. In the Content field you write the actual application (keep it simple). The text should create curiosity as to who you are, while also showing that you are the perfect fit for the role you are applying for (ie. describe why you are the perfect fit). Note that sometimes the casting agent requires that you add specific details about yourself in the actual application, and make sure to add this. Examples are your phonenumber, shoe size, or work permit information.

4. I have a problem when I try to login - the system says that the email doesn’t exist in the directory.
This typically happens if you haven't activated your profile. Look through your email inbox, and find the activation email from Onlinecasting. In this email there is an activation link that you have to click to activate your new Onlinecasting profile. If you can't find the email in your inbox, please look in your spam folder (and whitelist emails from Onlinecasting, so that they don't end up in your spam folder going forward).

5. You are just like other casting agents?. Every time they do a job, you get paid.
No, Onlinecasting does not do our own castings. We communicate jobs on behalf of casting agents. This means that we do not get paid pr. casting, based on the success of the casting, or even get a cut of your payment. The salary you agree on with the casting agent is all yours (of course you might have to pay taxes in your country, but none of the money goes to Onlinecasting).

6. Why can't I find my profile when searching through your database?
You can't find your profile in the database because you have checked the box stating that you only want your profile to be viewable for Casting Agents. If you want to be able to find you own profile in the database (and by that making everyone else able to find you), you need to go to your profile, edit profile and make the change there.


1. What is an agent profile?
An Agent profile is for everyone that is looking for models, actors, extras etc. With an Agent profile you are able to contact the profiles directly (through the Onlinecasting messaging system), post your castings and keep track of all the applicants for your castings. It is completely free to have an Agent profile, and post castings, on the Onlinecasting platform. You can create an Agent profile here - Remember to fill out all the required information when creating the Agent profile, and to write what you intend to use the Agent profile for, specifically. This makes the approval process go a lot smoother.

2. I’m not an agent, can I create an agent profile?
You do not need to be a “real” agent to create an Onlinecasting Agent profile. Everyone that is looking for models, actors, extras etc. are very welcome to create an Agent profile. Whether you are a Casting agent, a Student (with a relevant project) or something else doesn't matter. What matters is that you have a real and serious project where the Onlinecasting Agent profile can be of use for you.

3. Can agencies who are scouting for work for their models, use this platform?
An Agent profile can be used for posting castings, contact other profiles directly and manage applicants of your posted casting jobs.
At the moment it is not possible to apply for castings on behalf of your models via an Agent profile. We recommend that you create a "normal" Onlinecasting profile and apply for relevant casting through that profile. If you are interested in applying for castings on behalf of several talents, please send us an email #SITEEMAIL#, and then we will inform you when that feature is made available.

4. How much does it cost to post casting briefs on Onlinecasting?
Nothing! It is totally and completely free to post castings on the Onlinecasting platform, and contact the talents via your Agent profile.
If you find the right talent for your project through Onliencasting we do NOT take any commision, fees or whatsoever. If you project is a paid project (ie. where the talents gets paid for the job), the full amount goes to the talent, exactly as if you found the talent on the street. Payment of salary is handled between you and the talent. Onlinecasting is NOT involved.