Tips On How To Look Thinner On Pictures

Created the: 16-11-2015


Usually, a fatter or slimmer effect can be provoked by certain aspects of this issue, such as the clothes you wear or your pose. It is very important to take into account some important facts in order to look thinner on picture and most of them are extremely simple, as well.

First of all, your pose is extremely important. In order to make sure that the picture will make you look thinner, you have to have a straight pose, with your head pulled slightly forward and one foot in front of the other. This position will help you look thinner and obtain a great photo, so you will not have to worry anymore regarding this issue.

You can also try to wear black clothing pieces, as they can create an optical illusion and make you look thinner. Opt especially for black jeans or trousers, because your legs can easily give your real weight away and the result you will get will not be as good and favorable as you want.

When it comes to your clothes, you should wear longer dresses, which can slightly touch the upper part of your knee. In this way, your legs will look longer and your body will become thinner. You can also opt for dresses which can slightly touch the knee and the effect you will obtain will be amazing.

Be careful not to hold your arms near your body, but slightly away, in order to avoid an unpleasant look. In this way, your arms will look thinner and you will have an excellent pose in the photo.

If you respect these instructions, you will surely look much better in the photos. Always remember that your pose and your clothes play a very significant role and you need to consider them whenever you want to take a picture of yourself.