What Is Dubbing?

Created the: 07-08-2020


Dubbing can be challenging even for dubbing professionals. It takes the ability to portray characters based on their behaviours, responses and interactions with other characters. But what is dubbing really?

Dubbing encompasses the entire process of adding voices or sounds to a film or cartoon. Dubbing can be used for several reasons but is very commonly used for cartoon voices and in foreign films and series (in stead of subtitles).

How to get good at dubbing

There is a strong demand for people who do dubbing well. But what does it take to be cast in a dubbing role?

First and foremost, you must fluently speak the language you are dubbing for. Secondly, you need a good voice and be able to match your tone and dialogue with the gestures and body language of the original character being dubbed. A clear voice, and the ability to deliver dialogue that conveys emotion and feelings are key qualities that can help you stand out.

Also, accurately matching the timing of your dialogue with the dialogue in the original production is a real strength.

An easy way to get better at dubbing is by memorising some lines from a script, then recording yourself speaking them. Listen to what you’ve recorded and listen for ways to improve your tone or delivery.

But the best way to improve is to never be afraid of a challenge and jump right in.

Remember to never stop trying to get better, even after you’ve made big improvements. Your commitment and hard work will ultimately be the key to success!