Female Talents for a Feature Film

Men and women 21 - 28 Years old, All regions


Production title: GG

Genre: Fantasy | Sci-Fi

Production Type: Non-Union Independent / Micro-Budget

Project length: Feature Film

Production Company: Pacific Future Films - http://pacificfuturefilms.com/

Directors: J. Arcane, Paul Erskine

Shooting Location: Dubai

Shoot Date: Monday October 28th 2024.

Shoot Time: (Nightshoot) 2 am - 7.30 am. (5.5 hours).

Compensation: 1400 AED. Film credit. Copy of film post-release. Film will be released on streaming networks such as: Tubi, Amazon Prime, Plex, Apple TV, Roku and more.


Presented in a pseudo interactive game-style format, this film aims to test the audience's abilities to empathize with the game characters as they navigate their virtual world.

"GG" is gamer lingo for "Good Game", signifying the challenging "game of life" we all play with varying results. The underlying purpose is to give it our best shot.

There is no formal script or dialogue to learn, actions will be improvised and minimal dialogue will be recorded in voice-over to match the "game" style of the film.


Independent, edgy, strong and brave.


Carefree spirit. A delicate, graceful, kind soul.

Dance/movement abilities preferred. Envision the movements of a butterfly. Will be wearing light-up wings (provided).


• Local applicants only. Travel expenses not provided.

• Dialogue may be spoken in your native language, but cast will be required to communicate in English with crew.

• Must be comfortable holding hands and hugging a female co-star.

• No nudity.

• No kissing.

• No sex scenes.

Pacific Future Films is currently casting for their next feature film "GG", shooting in Dubai this October.

If you are interested in auditioning, please reply to this email with the following information.

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Languages you fluently speak:

Any dance training/experience:

Current city you live in:




  • End date: 30-06-2024